The Problem Of Online Dating Essay examples

The Problem Of Online Dating Essay examples

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Dating, the starting point where two individuals look forward to a romance. Romance is the second stage where love begins, which will eventually lead to a marriage. The question is, where can it start? People are often looking for someone to date, but where they begin has many options. Online dating is one of many choices that allow us as people to experience one thing that many desire, a shot at love. As a Aziz Ansari, author of the book Modern Romance, points out, you can meet someone through a friend, or a family member, or even through work or church(pg 81). They’re all great options, but the one that is the most efficient is through online. Many people are constantly meeting through online websites such as,,,, and many more considering that there are millions of people meeting everyday. Online dating first started out as ads on newspapers which allowed people to tell other civilians a little about themselves as a person along with a contact number. This later on became more advanced and slowly began to become what we now know as online d...

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The Problem Of Online Dating Essay

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