The Problem Of Human Displacement Essay examples

The Problem Of Human Displacement Essay examples

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Refugee Interviews
Human displacement can be found in any time period since human existence but the numbers have been drastically increasing in the past couple of years. In order to understand why people leave their countries it is important to understand the causes of human displacement. The reasons can differ by geographical area, country, faith, family and individual.
“Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced person (IDP), or asylum seeker.” (UNHCR). This shockingly high number is a result of conflict including political, ethnic, and religious tensions, exploitation of economic resources, and organized crime. Women and girls are at greater risk because many authorities in instable countries tend to abuse their power over their people. These agents of violence can be the own government, police, military or any authority figure. These authoritarian regimes lack a real system of government and law, therefor women and girls are easy targets for Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). Yet, not everybody can become a refugee. The United States has specific laws regarding who gets to enter the country. Once the application process has started it can take multiple years for the refugee to physically enter the country
“The development of international human rights law surrounding displacement (or forced evictions or involuntary resettlement) in a variety of contexts, and the adoption of corresponding policies and guidelines by a broad range of institutions that may directly or indirectly be responsible for such displacement, provides global conservation organizations with the framework for developing more robust internal policies and guidelines than presently exist for fair, transparent and p...

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...she actually had somebody to talk to she was much happier and the transition became a lot easier for her.
What her story teaches us is that the refugees who come to the United States are very helpless ant first and they need our help. I mentioned the many organizations who help them in their first few months but there is so much more that we, especially as community, can do. We need to be welcoming rather than ignoring the fact that our city is becoming more diverse. We can support the refugees by simply helping them out in the grocery store or at he pharmacy. We need to teach our children not to bully and laugh at refugee kids because they may look different or dress differently from what we are used to seeing. As community we need to embrace the diversity that these refugees are bringing and they will enrich us as individuals, as well as our community as a whole.

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