Refugee Children Essay

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Mass public education is the goal of practically every government in the world today. Schools aim to create a common understanding of individuality in terms of what is imagined as legitimate expressions of nationalism, patriotism, and economic activity. Schooling is essential for the establishment of a modern political community, including a national government. Additionally, education transforms the significant components of society such as culture, tradition or customs, which are then passed on to the next generations. Education projects the motivations of the action of human beings all around the world. It is a huge contributor to one’s personality as it allows individuals to feel more connected to society, which has it’s own laws,…show more content…
However, several factors must be considered such as the fact that they are part of a sensitive group who have experienced or are currently experiencing poor health conditions, anxiety, mistrust, excessive arousal, focusing problems and post-traumatic stress disorders. It is critical for educators to provide them with social support through the cognitive, emotional and social development periods. For a refugee student, educators are very important in order to create a relationship between school and their socio-cultural adaption. All educators should be considerate about what they are saying at the micro level, and be sensitive to student’s verbal or nonverbal behaviors. Educators can create a multi-cultural classroom environment where students are open to learn. Correspondingly, most have the power to create an environment where there is no prejudice or discrimination. This can be done by getting in contact with the families and learning about their previous cultures and lives. Additionally, educators need to be more aware of the children’s feelings. Through better communication, educators can connect with parents and suggest what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are. In order to provide a better life and increase the quality of life, it is important for educators to place focus on the relationships on the refugee children and their

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