The Problem Of Childhood Obesity Essay

The Problem Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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A Possible Solution to Childhood Obesity in the United States

In the movie, Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore “invades” other countries with the prospect of bringing ideas back to the United States to improve various public-health related components, such as: worker conditions, education, school lunches, drug policies, and women’s health/rights. During this movie, there was one country that resonated with me the most—France. In this particular segment, Moore goes to a town near Normandy and tells the audience where he can obtain a three or four-star meal. Not to my surprise, he said an elementary school lunchroom. Prior to seeing this film, I watched several episodes of Parts Unknown, where Anthony Bourdain also sheds light on French school lunches and how they are prepared. However, there were some aspects that surprised me and even made me wonder why we, as Americans, do not teach our students how to develop healthier eating habits. As the movie progressed, I also began to compare the children in our country versus France and wondered why childhood obesity is more prevalent in the United States than any where else in the world.
As opposed to the less than thirty-minute lunch period most American schools have, French schools have one-hour set aside for lunch. What is even more surprising is that they treat this period like a class. Prior to the beginning of lunch, each student washes his or her hands. Afterwards, they enter their lunchroom where they will be served a four course balanced meal comprised of a veggie starter dish, main course, cheese, and dessert. Additionally, as opposed to waiting in line with a tray, the chefs of the kitchen serve the children at their tables. There are no vending machines or soda—in fact ...

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...ecognizing Illnesses Very Early and Responding, I feel that it is essential to integrate exercise and nutrition education to promote healthy habits. Even though this type of lunch education may not be included in the majority of school systems, I hope that we can raise awareness for its importance and possibly see some changes made to meals in order to combat childhood obesity.


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