Persuasive Essay On Obesity In Schools

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Unfortunately, obesity is a battle that the citizens of the United States are fighting. Over 68.8 percent of our adults have been diagnosed as being over-weight or obese, and this usually initiate in their teenage years (Overweight and Obesity Statistics). America ranks second in the world for the heaviest people (New York Post). Every year obesity is becoming an increasing problem in our nation and particularly in our schools. A huge factor is what we feed our students junk for breakfast and lunch.
Research shows that school lunches are highly concentrated in salt, sugar, and unsaturated fat. Elementary, middle and high schools are over populated with vending machines, school stores and snack bars (Snelling). It is not uncommon for a student …show more content…

Also, since over 12 million children are in child care centers every day, there are not any regulations against feeding children unhealthy food during the day (Salisbury). This impacts the growth and development of children at a young age. If the food is not regulated, than it is very possible that they could be prone to involuntary obesity. According to the Journal of School Health, students tend to gravitate toward less healthy foods and bigger portion sizes. Unfortunately, this leads us to another cause of obesity, which the increased portion of the foods and drinks that are in vending machines. This means that they are eating a lot of extra …show more content…

Since 1971, obesity has increased 70.4% (Lewis). Obesity has accelerated at a ridiculous rate. Over 32 million children eat school lunch every day (Lewis). One or two thirds of their daily meals are provided by their schools; therefore most of their daily consumption is trusted in the hands of our government (Lewis). Since obesity has escalated tremendously since the 1970’s, it is only reasonable to make their school lunches responsible for the growth in obesity over the last 45 years (Food Timeline).
Obesity is not developing in children who take lunch from home. Most parents are sure to pack healthy lunches for their children every day. Actually, bagged lunches or lunches that come from home usually consist of home cooked meals that children usually do not refuse these meals (Cluggish). My observation has been that children are inclined to eat home-cooked healthy meals than not

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