Probation And Parole Are Not Guaranteed Rights Essay

Probation And Parole Are Not Guaranteed Rights Essay

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In the United States, probation and parole are offender privileges and are not guaranteed rights. Both practices provide offenders with the opportunity to be present in the community so long as they abide by specific conditions. Providing alternatives to incarceration has shown to be effective in reducing recidivism rates and serves as an incentive for offenders to modify their behaviors in hopes of maintaining their freedom.
Today, probation is the most widely used correctional practices as it allows an offender to avoid incarceration while being required to abide by a set of particular condition while under supervision. However, if an offender violates the terms of their probation, probation may be revoked and a harsher sentence may be imposed (Buddress, 1997). John Augustus, who is known as “The Father of Probation,” introduced the concept of probation originally as a volunteer position (Lindner & Savarese, 1984). Initially a boot-maker, Augustus began the practice of voluntary probation in 1841. Volunteers developed and transformed probation into an accepted practice as they remained active in the courts and provided assistance through both the investigation and supervision processes on an unofficial basis. Augustus initially termed “probation” as he developed a system of selecting and supervising offenders in the criminal courts that he believed could be changed or seen as “reformable” (Lindner & Savarese, 1984). Augustus provided such services to hundreds of individuals, including men, women, and children that had been charged with an array of offenses.
While Augustus introduced the practice of probation in Boston, Massachusetts, a number of volunteers continued to expand the concept of probation to other states and juris...

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...offenders have to abide by a set of established conditions and face a harsher sentence if they fail to follow then. When offenders successfully complete their sentence without any parole violations, they are then discharged. Today, research indicates that parole is a favorable approach, however, it is critical to acknowledge that the type of the offense and demographic characteristics may influence parole success (Lowenkamp & Latessa, 2005).
Probation and parole have demonstrated to be effective alternatives to incarceration and help offenders modify their behaviors under supervision within the community. While incarceration increases the likelihood of recidivism, it becomes essential to examine evidenced-based alternative approaches, such as probation and parole, while targeting the offenders’ individual criminogenic needs in order to effectively reduce recidivism.

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