Pros And Cons Of Parole And Probation

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Parole and probation programs have been designed as alternatives to the confinement of a prison cell. The programs have been created for the portion of offenders who do not pose a threat to public safety. In the year 2008, the average daily cost for supervision of a probationer or parolee was about $4. The average daily cost to house an inmate was about $80. Obviously, if the individual was not a risk to the community they should be placed in these programs rather than be put in prison and suck taxpayers dry. If an offender is placed on parole or probation there are two ways they can end up in prison; committing a new crime or breaching conditions of their probation. Facts prove that life in prison without parole is swift, strict, and specific punishment. Those condemned to life have been sentenced to expire in prison. Between three different states figures varied from $18,000 to $26,000. The death penalty and life in prison are way more expensive than placing offenders who are not hazards to society in programs like parole and probation. Parole and Probation vs. Incarceration Costs Programs such as parole and probation have been introduced as alternatives to incarceration. These programs are designed for offenders who are not considered a hazard to society. Parole is typically granted towards the end of a sentence and probation commonly in place of one, but because the organization is overloaded, financially unstable, and carelessly managed, it often operates as well as a feeder organization, guaranteeing prison cells will not be unoccupied for long. Actually, according to a report compiled by the Pew Center for the States parole violators accounted for over a third of all prison admissions in 2005 and "half the US jai... ... middle of paper ... ..., California accumulated $2,636 per individual. The expense of probation and parole are significantly smaller than the expenses of incarceration (Carlie, 2002). The reality is that there are some offenders who are better off being placed back into the community on probation and parole and helps save taxpayers hard earned money. The death penalty is way more expensive, time consuming with little success, and puts innocent people at stake. Life without parole gives fast, harsh, and specific punishment. It supplies lawfulness to survivors of murder victims. Sentencing dangerous offenders to life without parole is the most reasonable alternative for general security and any victim’s families. For offenders who do not pose a threat to the general public should be placed on probation or parole to help save money that can be used for more useful things within the state.

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