Essay On Juvenile Probation

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The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Probation as a period of time given to someone who commits a crime and instead of being incarcerated are allowed to spend their sentence in the community based on conditions set aside by the courts. ( The task was given to me to build the ultimate model of Probation Services. After careful consideration and great thought this is the route I decided to take. I believe that parents play a great role in some of the decisions their children make. The decisions children make today are a reflection of their parents. My focus on this probation model is to place both child and parent in an institution were they would undergo a period of restoration of family values, rehabilitation, parenting courses, academia and counselling. The ages of these juveniles will range between the ages of ten (10) to seventeen (17) years old.Therefore I stand for institutionalized probation and how this probation will assist in instilling family values.
In Trinidad and Tobago the Probation of Offenders Act Chapter 13:51 is the piece of Legislation that governs the operations of the Probation Services Division of the Ministry of Social Development. This is already a disadvantage as being under the Social Development Ministry already makes the case load a bit too much as the Probation Officer will have to act more than one role. This model will not fall under the Social Development ministry, as I believe the Probation Services should fall under the Ministry of Justice as they work hand in hand. The probation services will be located next to or perhaps inside of the juvenile detention facility as to be easily accessed by juvenile offenders and Probation officers so as to g...

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... attempt to prove why they should be incarcerated. This case can go on at the discretion based on the factors he is considering. Recidivists make things a somewhat difficult on themselves because in some states the three strike rule is usually broken and then they are incarcerated. Restorative justice for juvenile delinquents should be the primary focus as this delinquency is found out at an early age so this juvenile can still be saved. The purpose of imprisoning their parents with them is to encourage better parenting practices. Parents often neglect their children when they become so involved with work, drugs, alcohol and relationships. Better homes will lead to better communities and parents are responsible for making this happen.
The reports being used in this model are the Pre Plea Investigation Report, the Pre-sentence Report and the Pre Disposition report.
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