Pros And Cons Of The Corrections System

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1. The role of corrections is to gather evidence including witnesses, conduct investigations, trials, convictions and possible treatments for recovery offenders. According to Siegel and Bartollas (2017, p.4), “Corrections is defined as the institutions and methods that society uses to correct, control, and change the behavior of convicted offenders.” The corrections system is designed to protect our society from the endangerments and social harm brought on by criminal offenders. Regarding Siegel and Bartollas (2017, p.4) “A key part of this mission is to prevent those convicted of crimes, ranging from the most serious felonies to petty misdemeanors, from repeating their criminal activities. “The history of corrections shows several harsh treatments…show more content…
Probation is defined “as a form of punishment allowing a criminal to stay within his/her community under close supervision following strict orders given by court officials and probation officers.” (Siegel and Bartollas, p.71) The goal of probation is to allow offenders to avoid the disgrace of feeling like they have been confined to prison. Nevertheless, the pros and cons to sentencing someone to probation are as followed; Pros: This form of punishment allows convicted offenders to show positive transformation by, giving back to their community through community service, reduce the high rate of recidivism as well as, urine and drug samples and required proof of employment; Verifying that change is being made. Electronic Monitoring allows court officials to determine whether criminals are truly obeying their orders. This form of punishment also has Cons: breaking probation and repeating the offense is very common when dealing with probation. Conservatives would say that probation is a “soft-crime” and has no real severity when in terms of punishment. In my opinion, I feel that probation is effective for only petty crimes like: theft, shoplifting, robbery, burglary etc. Teenagers are more deserving of this punishment because of the reality of being scared straight. Not being able to leave your house or Jail time for breaking probation Is usually what straightens out
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