President Ronald Reag An Era Of Prosperity And Democracy Essay

President Ronald Reag An Era Of Prosperity And Democracy Essay

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Faith makes us human; it is that simple underrated concept that keeps us alive. It gives us the will to keep on pushing higher and higher until we are were above the clouds. Without it, we would crash and burn. The year 1980 Americans had faith for a safer future, equal economy, an era of prosperity and democracy. With that small concept gave birth to a single man who helped change America into what it is today. He an underestimated individual who possessed great potential; a leader who gave Americans hope for a clearer future. That person is none other than 40TH president Ronald Reagan. Ronald helped pioneer the way for today’s Americans for a clearer future. Reagan brought an end to the cold war, stopping the USSR in their tracks of Communist domination; he piloted America through the event on Black Monday. One of days of the loss and crash of the stock markets. Introduced Reaganomics, using board tax cuts, free trade and domestic spending unobtrusive helped push an economic boom from the last two decades. Nuclear weapons cuts and his special plan named star wars. His achievements echo in America’s way of life to this day. Throughout this essay we will venture into his life story, his identity and how he played a tremendous role is enabling America be where it is today.
Born February 6, 1911 in the small town of Tampico in Illinois, his father, John Edward Reagan and mother Nellie Wilson. Reagan’s father was a gregarious man who got a high school degree, who made a living being a salesman who sold shoes. He was a of man dreams and opportunities, but, was an alcoholic. Both of his parents were catholic also democrats. During Reagan’s childhood at six he was an intellectual child getting perfect marks in school. But would a...

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...etail on how the army worked.
Throughout Reagans life had a strong taste for politics. His desire grew from his parents at a very young age. Ronald became a member of the SAG who were in the fight against communistic believe. As the president of the film industry, he was an insider for the FBI. An informant who would incriminate colleagues who he believed were communist. Reagan began to branch out his political agenda, by running for governor of California in the year 1966. He ran against Edmount G.”Pat” Brown the two term winner. Ronald’s campaign highlighted two main themes: send people looking for work to gain work and also a burgeoning of anti-war and anti-establishment. Including helping students protest to clean the mess at Berkeley. His speech the “Time for Choosing” was the headshot that guaranteed him the win for the political race of governor.

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