Essay on President Obama 's Annual State Of The Union Address

Essay on President Obama 's Annual State Of The Union Address

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In January of 2010, President Obama presented the annual State of the Union address. In the address Obama speaks about many things he has accomplished in the past year and hopes to accomplish in the coming year. The first thing he wants to accomplish is health care reform. The next issue he needs to accomplish is the budget. Then, Obama speaks about some bills and policies that he wants to go into place. The ones that were specifically brought up were the climate bill and the cap-and-trade. Lastly, they share their views and perceptions on Obama and his administration. In the Washington Post Will and Gerson discuss the State of the Union address. In these works the authors both agree about the address and the messages sent to the American people, and disagree on some of the policies the president presents.
In Will’s article title he claims that the address reveals a president of two minds, and that reveals that the author thinks the president is not consistent in what he says. Will compares the “presidential mind” to two different people, John Quincy Adams and Sigmund Freud, with Adams being the dominate lobe. In Gerson’s article title he references Obama as a principal which could lead the reader to think of him as a guiding and knowledgeable person or a person you fear because of discipline.
One very controversial topic Obama addressed in his speech was health care reform. In Will’s article he points out that the president almost hits the halfway point in time before presenting the topic. Both Will and Gerson quote the president when he admits to not explain the issue clearly to the American people. Will presents the information and says that the president implies that the American people are slow learners. ...

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... dealing with the issue of spending. Gerson also talks about the “deficit of trust” and the writer displays that Obama wants a better moral for the American people, but yet cannot stray from using a sarcastic tone in his address to the people.
In conclusion, both Will and Gerson made excellent points about the 2010 State of the Union address. The first issue discussed in the speech was healthcare reform. The next topic was the budget and another stimulus. Then, Obama addressed some bills and policies, specifically the climate bill and the cap-and-trade. Lastly, the authors views on Obama and his views on his administration. Both Will and Gerson cover the State of the Union address. In their articles they both agree about the address’ topics and messages to the American people, as well as disagreeing on some of the bills and policies the president presented.

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