President Abraham Lincoln 's First Victory Of The Presidency Essay

President Abraham Lincoln 's First Victory Of The Presidency Essay

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President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated in March of 1861. He hopped into the presidency at a very rough time for the Unites States. Slavery was the main cause and this turned over to states succeeding from the union. When Lincoln was fighting for presidency he promised the republican party many things and even agreed against the complete abolition of slavery. However, the war was not an easy fight and Lincoln changed his decisions and views along the way about slavery. He started with freeing the slaves and relocating them back to Africa, then used abolition as a threat to the south and then finally came to the realization that all men should be free regardless of color. It took major turning points in the war for this to occur but it happened nonetheless.
Lincoln’s first victory came with the win of the presidency. He ran against Stephen Douglas and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates are the most famous political debates to this day. Douglas was not for the abolition of slavery; he believed that the government should not “regulate the relations between master and servant.” (Fiero 392) This brought in a good number of votes for him but didn’t agree with the majority of people in the north. Lincoln went with the honest route. Lincoln was for the abolition of slavery and as a compromise he talked about relocating them back to Africa. He wanted all men to have their unalienable rights but still felt they were not as good as whites. Lincoln “opposed giving Illinois blacks the right to vote or serve on juries and spoke frequently of colonizing blacks overseas as the best solution to the problems of slavery and race.” (Fiero 391) This won him the presidency but caused some big chain events.
With Abrahams victory came the demolition of the...

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...story, but it also marked a turning point in Lincoln’s own thinking. For the first time, it committed the government to enlisting black soldiers in the Union army.” (Fiero 415)
Lincoln’s start was far off from his ending but he accomplished an end goal. He ended the civil war and abolished slavery. The union has some cleaning up to do and needs to get the south back on board but that takes time. Abraham started by wanting to free slaves and relocate them to Africa. Then after that got him elected and a war broke out he used the power of abolition to threaten the south but this ended up causing more problems. After Abraham visited the battlefield and realized the war had to be fought and the south had to be defeated he realized that all men have alienated rights and that blacks might be “called upon to keep the jewel of Liberty in the family of freedom.” (Fiero 417)

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