Presenting of a New Grammar: Indirect Questions Essay

Presenting of a New Grammar: Indirect Questions Essay

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Presenting of a new grammar: indirect questions

The aim of my seminar paper is to show how to present indirect questions to students of a middle school. The indirect questions would be inroduced and presented to students of 9th form. These students should be approximately at pre-intermediate level of English and they should be familiar with the direct questions, its form and use. The students will be able to recognize the differencies between both types of questions, and will be able to understand a different usage of both grammatical concepts in a particular context. The presentation and practising is divided into two lessons.

Class I

1. The introduction of the lesson:

After checking the attendandance (2 minutes), The teacher would start with asking questions, for example:

Teacher: How are you today? What did you do yesterday after school? What did you have for lunch?

The whole class responds (this type of activity serves to activate the students and get their attention). Subsequently, individuals are asked:

Teacher: Tom. What time is it?
Student A: It’s five past one.
Teacher: Good. Now ask somebody in the class to another question.
Student A: Eliška. Do you like swimming?
Student B: Yes I like it.

In this activity, the students are practising asking questions and mutual comunication. This serves the teacher to recognize, if students are able to form the direct questions correctly and can control their responding in whole sentences. This activity should take 5 minutes maximum.

2. The presentation of new grammar

After the teacher is reassured that the students are familiar with direct questions, the presentation of a new grammar can start. The teacher tells the student the aim of the lesson.

Teacher: Today we are ...

... middle of paper ...

...the students task is to rewrite the questions to indirect – the teacher can assign the exercise as homework.

The aim of the activity: The students develop their listening and reading skills. Teacher can also ask them if they know who Elvis Presley was (cultural competences developed).
Then the teacher ends the lesson.

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