Essay on Preparing for a Public Briefing or Press Conference

Essay on Preparing for a Public Briefing or Press Conference

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This week’s reading lead to some interesting topics, of which this short paper will attempt to discuss. Some of the focuses that the reading went over are: preparing for a public briefing or press conference, what are techniques to use, must air message, developing sound bites, developing pre-printed information, techniques to use in dealing with a hostile press, the importance of body language, recover from a press incident, and can an organization use social media to their advantage?
A major challenge in any crisis is preparing for a public briefing or press conference. At the same times, it seems that one of the trickiest parts of preparing a public briefing or press conference is trying to control the media in such a way that it ensures there is no permanent damage to the company. This is just one task for the Crisis Management Team. Now just preparing a statement may be suitable, however Hoffman suggests, “ the best way to start the process of preparing your response is to go through the exercise of thinking about the questions you will most likely be asked (Hoffman 2011).” This can be accomplished by simply brainstorming all potential questions the press could come up with.
So what are some techniques to use when one is tasked to brainstorm on potential questions? Well according to Hoffman there are three possible techniques. “1. Put yourselves in the shoes of those most immediately impacted by the situation (facility neighbors, customers, supporters, patients and their families, taxpayers, etc.) (Hoffman 2011).” This is the time to practice humility and get to the level of the audience. It is not time to get technical and show off all your vast knowledge. It’s time to just ask the 5 W’s and an H.
The second technique is...

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...then you are behind the power curve of the news media, and that is not something that benefits the company and its bottom line.
I know that knowing and controlling your body language would have been a great asset to BP. It is hard not so show and audience your true intent, when your body language makes up around 55% of the message being offered.

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