Prekindergarten Beneficial to Children At An Early Age Essays

Prekindergarten Beneficial to Children At An Early Age Essays

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No one person can have too much or too little education; it's a necessity in
all aspects of life. Anyone can learn how to do something and be successful at it. The process of learning becomes a person's education and knowing how to utilize that skill. Education is the amount of information processed by an individual that aids in success. There are always learning opportunities any, and everywhere there is just a need for support and encouragement. When pondering education, many think about the first place they were introduced to learning or their first experience with processing information, and that would most likely be a prekindergarten program. Some children have attended or participated in a prekindergarten program that helps with setting a learning foundation for social and academic skills to help them succeed (Broatch). Early education is the first experience for a child in a structured setting with a teacher and groups of children. Many low-income families aren't able to provide education to their children; therefore the only education they receive is when actually starting school, kindergarten. With having many less fortunate families in America, education has become a major issue in politics. When children are growing up in poverty and homes without books, the government would end up paying about $8,000 per child per year for prekindergarten. Or in a juvenile detention tomorrow around $90,000 per child per year because of their lack of education and rebellion (Kristoff). The resolution to the issue would be to allow all children from infants to 4-year olds to get the education needed to prepare them to become academically stable and ready for school. This could also help with rates of other issues as well, such as teen p...

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