Power and Authority Shape Spoken Language Essay

Power and Authority Shape Spoken Language Essay

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Authority is ‘the power to require and receive submission (The Pocket English Dictionary); authority is used in many conversations every day and without authority power could not be exerted easily. Power, meaning ‘a position of control, authority or influence over others’ (The Pocket English Dictionary) and is usually used to gain control or influence. As well as everyday situations in many transcripts power and authority are shown by demonstrating different techniques, therefore I will scrutinise these and their uses in two transcripts. Within lessons, I have found it interesting how different jargons are used during different contexts and how in some cases formalise a speech or interview response.
Throughout this investigation I will analyse two transcripts, these are: a job interview and a court room interview. The job interview was part of the, well know, television show ‘The Apprentice’ in a large office. During the show Ruth Badger is being interviewed by Claude (a business partner of Lord A. Sugar). Whereas, during the court room interview the setting seems to be in a localised court room, around a month after the incident. Mr Neill has seemingly caused a problem and been taken to court to find out the final verdict. Both events capture examinations occurring between two people one usually with more power than another. Within the job interview transcript, it clearly shows how interviews contain an authoritative figure; also, generally, many interviews in everyday life occur to be able to find out whether the company thinks the candidate is the correct person for the job. Unlike the interview case, where Claude is finding out if Ruth is suitable for the job, the court room case shows a formal and civilised attitude, wantin...

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...midated; towards the end turn taking begins to become more apparent meaning the power balance is leveling. Some readers may also begin to feel that Ruth could in fact be a liar, however I feel that due to Claude obtaining more power he is able to take time with his speech and not have to rush whereas (to get her point across) Ruth must hurry her answer whilst trying to get her point across in a well-structured manner In the court room transcript the Barrister has total control due to his powerful position in society, meaning that Mr Neill can only challenge the barrister’s decisions or views making Mr Neills appeal less than convincing.
Power and authority play a crucial role in deciding an individual’s status within the group and power is shown through the ability to speak uninterrupted (saving damaging expressions).

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