Poultry Production : Organic Cattle And Swine Essay

Poultry Production : Organic Cattle And Swine Essay

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Livestock Production: Organic Cattle and Swine

The History of Organic Farming
Organic agriculture is the oldest form of agriculture on our planet. Until post World War II, farming without harmful petroleum based sources was the only way of farming. There were no hazardous fertilizers and pesticides made from petroleum based products. During World War II many agricultural technologies were created. For example, ammonium used for munitions during World War II evolved into nitrate fertilizer and organophosphate production led to the creation of strong insecticides. These technical advances have resulted in economic gains at the cost of severe environmental and social consequences. Organic agriculture does strive to use many technological advances which help with yield and environmental improvement such as: equipment, precision ag. technologies and new varieties of crops. Organic ag. Does not use any methods that have lead to negative environmental impacts (Delate, Duyvejonck).
Organic farmers use only products that do not harm the environment. Examples of non-harmful organic methods would be: crop rotations, cover crops, and natural based products to improve soil fertility. Because genetically modified organisms encourage the use of synthetic inputs with unknown risks, GMOs are not allowed in organic agriculture (Delate, Duyvejonck, 2011).
In the 1960s and 1970s, Americans began thinking more about where their food is from and how it is produced. Consumers began worrying about the application of pesticides. In the minds of consumers, it became very important not to use pesticides in organic agriculture. Due to the growth of organic agriculture a list of organi...

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...ly a few drugs and parasite treatments are allowed, including some vaccines.
Following organic certification rules limit the treatments that are considered acceptable for an organic herd. Pain medication and dewormers for dairy and breeder stock, are examples of drugs allowed in organic production. Farmers must keep in mind these treatments may only be used if preventative techniques have failed and the animal has become ill. If the animal falls ill and approved treatments do not work, the farmer must still treat the animal. If the animal is treated with a prohibited method, the animal must be removed from the herd and can not be sold as organic (USDA National Organic Program, 2013).
Organic Dairy Production
Organic Beef and Dairy Processing
Organic Hog Production
Organic Pork Production
The Life of an Organic Beef and Hog Producer
The Organic Meat Market

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