Reflection Paper On Organic Farming

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Agriculture is the industry that I am choosing to reflect upon that is one of the top industries in the United States and therefore I felt it to be a good industry to focus on. Large Crops The financial burden of farm operating costs is substantial and many small family farms suffer when years of produce are lean. For example, my grandfather was farmer of Red Delicious apples from about 1957-2007. He did well for many years. A couple of years past when his crop didn 't produce enough because of frost damage, and almost simultaneously, it seems a change in how the apple industry functioned. Farmers were taking out their trees and planting different varieties such as Espalier trees. New assortments of apples hit the market and were gaining…show more content…
An example that comes to mind and something most have experience with are household cleaners. One can use less commercial chemicals than natural ones such as vinegar/water or baking soda to clean surfaces, but in the long run we know that the chemical cleaners are not as healthy for us to use. They make the job easier a lot of times and so we are stuck with a decision that is sometimes as easy as efficiency vs. overall health. Or to put it another way, short term vs. long term. There is something else, however, to take into account in the farming industry. How regulated are organic sprays? The spray 's that we may show more confidence in. A question I hadn 't thought of initially. "...the actual volume usage of pesticides on organic farms is not recorded by the government." (Wilcox, 2011) So, that in of itself is something I want to know when I am buying my food, but that shouldn 't scare me as much as empower me to make better decisions. Interestingly, farmers that choose to use GMO seeds and pesticides know what to expect. My grandfather would have been considered a
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