The Postive and Negative Aspects of Living in Toronto, Canda Essay examples

The Postive and Negative Aspects of Living in Toronto, Canda Essay examples

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Positive and negative aspects of living in Toronto
Whether it is possible for people to migrate to Toronto?
Every day people around the world migrate from one place to another. In this essay I will discuss the pros and cons of migration in Toronto. I will be writing about Toronto, because this city is Canada’s largest city and is North America’s fifth most populous municipality – with a population of 2.7 million people. As you may have guessed in this essay I will describe the positive and negative aspects of living in Toronto.

The University of Toronto is one of the best universities in the world and ranks 24th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It consists of three different campuses. The first is located in Downtown, second in Mississauga in the west and the third in Scarborough in the east.
In Toronto, you can also find two other universities. It is Ryerson and York University. You can also see a lot of colleges.
One of the most prestigious schools in Toronto is Ontario school. Teachers of this school are among the highest paid teach...

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