Migration And Canadian Immigration Policy

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Migration has been a major part of human living and also animals, people migrate for various reasons such as seeking better lives, family, job opportunity, availability of social amenities etc. immigration policies were put in place to monitor and decide who immigrate to a country and these policies have been present since 1906, and these polices have had different reasons for their enactment and these reasons change as time and era changes (Baglay, 2014). The early policies were racially based restriction, economic growth, multiculturalism, restriction on refugee and economic immigration (Baglay, 2014). The Communitarian approach used by Michael Walzer to explain immigration policy is similar to Canadian immigration policy. This paper seeks to discuss and analyze the articles by Joseph Carens and Michael Walzer, explaining the different perspectives of explaining immigration policies. The paper would summarize and contrast the author’s main arguments. It would take a stand on which argument is more persuasive in explaining immigration policy and give reason for this position. It would also use other articles to support or refute each argument made by Joseph Carens and Michael Walzer. Lastly this paper would explain and come to a conclusion of if any of these arguments apply to Canadian immigration policy and give examples of these similarities. Carens and Walzer had very different view on immigration and open border, Carens used the Liberal perspective of explaining open border. Carens believe in equal moral worth of individual, he believed that the border should be generally open, individuals should have liberty to move and settle in a anew country and there should be few grounds (Baglay, 2014). Border and Border control mean di... ... middle of paper ... ...ee Law: Historical Overview of Canadian Immigration Policies, lecture retrieved from University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Ontario. Carens, J. H. (1987) "Aliens and Citizens: "The Case for Open Borders," Review of Politics, 251 ETZIONI, A. (2007). Citizenship tests: A comparative, communitarian perspective. Political Quarterly, 78(3), 353-363. doi:10.1111/j.1467-923X.2007.00864.x Scaperlanda, M. A. (1999). Immigration justice: Beyond liberal egalitarian and communitarian perspectives. Review of Social Economy, 57(4), 523-542. doi:10.1080/00346769900000020 Valadez, J. M. (2013). Immigration and liberal egalitarianism. Philosophy Study, 3(3), 165-n/a. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.uproxy.library.dc-uoit.ca/docview/1465267690?accountid=14694 Walzer, M. (1983). Spheres of justice: a defense of pluralism and equality. New York: Basic Books.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the different perspectives of joseph carens and michael walzer on immigration policies.
  • Analyzes how carens believes in equal moral worth of individuals and the importance of open borders.
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