The Positive And Positive Effect On Communication Essay example

The Positive And Positive Effect On Communication Essay example

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Social networking has the power to connect strangers across the world. As the evolution of communication continues, technology progresses and social networking grows. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp have grown to have billions of users. In fact in today’s society, it is necessary or nearly expected to use at least one of these technological communication networks. The increasing use of social networking has had both a negative and positive effect on communication in relationships. Sherry Turkle explains the negative impact of social media on social relationship. Meanwhile, Jenna Wortham the author of “ I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight” focus on the positive enhancement of technology on users relationship. Sherry Turkle explains the phenomena that the technology allows us to create a perfect “persona” sheds light on Wortham’s analysis of online relationship. In particular, Turkle’s analysis on perfect feedback, and lack of empathy helps to understand Wortham’s essay.

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The analysis of perfect feedback helps to reveal Wortham’s perspective on social relationship. Turkle explains that “The best communication programs shield the writer from the view of the reader. The advantage of screen communication is that it is a place to reflect, retype, and, edit” (Turkle 374). People tend to delay answering text messages when they don 't have what they consider to be perfect answers or when they want to avoid whatever responsibility the message demands of them. It 's far easier to ignore replying to a message than a request from someone made in person because an messenger 's hope to get a response or frustration in not receiving one remains mostly invisible. Text Messaging gives all the time that the re...

... middle of paper ..., it gives them a false sense of personality and/or characteristic of the sender. In addition, lack of empathy also help to understand Jenna Wortham’s essay. Conversation
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on the social media fails to portray emotions and feeling of one partner to the other partner. Since the person who is receiving the messages cannot hear their voice or see the expressions on the face. Therefore, perfect feedback and lack of empathy helps to understand Jenna Wortham’s essay. Is it possible that in the future, a relationship that is entirely built on social media can turn into an ideal relationship, a relationship that every human being desire. While it is not a genuine or authentic instead, built on falseness, dishonesty, and lies. Nethertheless, human being might consider it as an authentic relationship, since they are only looking at what the social media shows them.

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