The Popularity Of Television And The Internet Essay

The Popularity Of Television And The Internet Essay

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The increasing popularity of television and the internet has allowed the mass media to influence its users, especially the juvenile population. As stated in Media Violence and Youth, “99% of homes in America have at least one television giving children the opportunity to view unsupervised television” (Beresin, 1999). Bradley Okdie reported that the average person spent over 3,515 hours using media in 2012 (Okdie, et al. 2014). A study done by Friedrich and Stein found that “the average 2-5 year-old views about 28 hours per week of television”, while Lyle and Hoffman found that “by the age of three, three-quarters of the children can name their favorite television program” (Meltzoff, 1988). With ratings as the driving force of the mass media, there is always a push to find the most intriguing, crazy, and influential storylines to ensure they stay at the front of the media craze. Since the general public is interested in violence as a whole, the mass media utilizes it as its “go-to” story. Throughout this paper, I will discuss what kind of impact the mass media has on violence within the juvenile community.
The mass media displays violence through many outlets including, television, video games, and movies. The violent images that are displayed have been connected to violence among juveniles. “Early studies and others support the argument that there is a relationship between viewing violent media and later aggressive thoughts and behaviors in children and adults” (Okdie, et al. 2014). Anderson states that, “Recent large-scale longitudinal studies provide converging evidence linking frequent exposure to violent media in childhood with aggression later in life, including physical assaults and spouse abuse” (Anderson, 2003). A study in...

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.... After doing research I have found that the misrepresentation of research data has led to false information and assumptions. The research showed that even though there can be a relationship between the two; the proportion size is so small that it will lead to many inaccurate readings. Even though 99% of homes have at least one television, giving juveniles the ability to interact with multiple types of media, juvenile crime is at a 30-year low. The statistics are so insignificant that two of the bigger agencies that would be concerned with this information believe that there is no correlation between media violence and violence in juveniles. With all of the information accessible, the arguments against violence in the media contributing to violence in our juveniles far outweighs the arguments that believe that there is a link of violence between media and our youth.

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