Essay about Poor People And Economic Injustice

Essay about Poor People And Economic Injustice

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Poor People & Economic Injustice

Economic inequality and injustice come in the same hand. Poor people are more likely to experience inequality and injustice. The negative assumptions of poor people are created by the media and politicians. Promoting economic justice by offering people living in poverty some form of social support. Barbara Ehrenreich found in her experiment the workforce for low-wage was difficult. Conley talks about the different types of social inequalities and how they have been unsuccessful.
People living in poverty choose to stay is a popular assumption of poor people. Another stereotype of why people are poor is that they are lazy. Every person in the United States has an equal opportunity to succeed and poor people choose not to take the offer. If a person is living in poverty, then it’s assumed that they are part of broken family, drug dealers, and lazy. Poor people have multiple children and continue to have more, so they can stay on welfare. Another negative assumption of poor people is they use welfare money to buy drugs. A recommendation for promoting economic justice is increasing the minimum wage, so that they don’t have to depend on welfare. Offer more scholarships and more government aid to students, which are living in poverty, so they can move out of poverty. Offer cheaper housing and discounts for people that are living below the poverty line.
Barbara Ehrenreich decides to leave everything behind for a plunge into the low-wage workforce. She sets out to explore the world that welfare mothers are entered. The point was not so much to become poor as to get a sense of the spectrum of low-wage work that existed-from waitressing to housekeeping. She felt mistreated when it was announced that there ha...

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...s fair as long as everyone plays by the rules. The standard of equality is equality of condition, which is the idea that everyone should have an equal starting point. The last form of equality is equality of outcome which states, everyone should end up with the same outcome regardless of fairness.
Poverty is an important issue that the United States has to fix. People living in poverty are more likely be to mistreated and underpaid by their performance in the workforce. Issues of people in poverty have been politicized by the media and politicians for their personal agenda. Offering poor people some form of social support will promote economic justice. Barbara Ehrenreich in her experiment found that people in the low-wage workforce were often mistreated and underpaid. Conley explains the different types of social equalities, and how unrealistic they are to society.

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