Essay On Equal Rights

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Women have fought for equal rights since the early 1820s and 1830s. There is a strong commitment to equality between women and men in the law. Equality among men and women has gone on for several centuries and nothing has been done about it. Providing equal rights within men and women may decrease pressure on both men and women of what their stereotypical jobs should be. If equal rights would release pressure on all humans, then why are women treated as the subdominant sex? Women should have the same rights as men and to do this it is up to the entire human race to work together to fight for equality between men and women. In 1920 women was provided with the 19th amendment that granted all women the right to vote, which was also…show more content…
People often believed that women did not have the ability to do the same quality as men. This theory led women to be paid less than men in most jobs. “China more fully supported women’s equality in practice, but some job discrimination against women persisted”(Women’s Rights). Business owners and factory owners did not want women to work at first because they believed that they were only good for house keeping and taking care of children. “The number of working women increased substantially after the two world wars, but they generally had low-paying work”(Women’s Rights). Women stepped up during the war while there were fewer workers. The bravery that women had come with no praise. Women were paid less than men just because they were women. “The most glaring content gap in the treaty bodies’ approach to gender equality is in the area of women’s unpaid work, particularly in relation to household reproduction and care”(Garrett). Women often started working as schoolteachers or office work after the world wars. These jobs that were offered to women were the low paying jobs with little opportunities for high paying jobs. Discrimination against women has caused the inequality we have in the world…show more content…
Less than a hundred years ago women had the courage to work outside of their homes and began to fights for their rights. In return women were treated unequal and were not provided with the same amount of education or women from their job. If men and women were treated equal, then the man would be able to do the women’s job and the women would be able to do the mans job. This amount of equality would knock out the stereotypical labels of what jobs a man and women should do. The world would be a less disrespectful and judgmental place if there were equality. If everyone agreed on equal rights, then the world would be a happy
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