Polygamy Is A Part Of The Question Essay

Polygamy Is A Part Of The Question Essay

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Polygamy is becoming a part of the question, Is this is an alternative lifestyle that should be allowed? There are television shows and criminal cases about polygamy ( Kiesbye). Some common tv shows about polygamy are Sister Wives and Big Love. Since this is a new upcoming type of marriage the tv shows are showing all the good parts about polygamy ,or “fluffing” it up, rather than show any negatives aspects about it. There are multiple things associated with polygamy not just the side where all the family members are happy. There is a darker side to polygamy that the media has not been showng. Polygamy is deleterious to marriage and society because women are treated horribly unequally and horribly during marriage, children are abused, and boys are thrown out of their house.
Polygamy is a known religion / marriage that is most commonly associated with mormons, but polygamy shows up with muslims too. Polygamy is written about in the Quran, and there is a debate about whether it was prohibited or not. Some will say that by interpretations it is not prohibited and others say that it states that it is prohibited (Abdelkader). Some Islamic scholars say that the Quran doesn 't allow polygamy. They say that God says it is very difficult to treat all the wives equally. Also, liberal interpretations say that polygamy is a pre-Islamic practice. Even the Islamic law even tried to limit the amount of wives that a man could have (Abdelkader). While Islamic laws tried to limit the amount of wives Sharia law is also a big factor with the polygamous Muslims. Sharia law is a bunch of very strict laws that involve aspects of cheating and lying. Sharia law will not allow polygamy with the very strict laws that they have. Some things that happe...

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...my is not as innocent as it seems. The media only shows the good parts to it rather than the bad so that it becomes legal like same-sex marriage.
As time goes on polygamy will want its time in the lime-light to show all the good qualities to be legal. The tv shows that are about polygamy show all the good qualities but not the bad. Women have it hard in this cult with not being accepted as an equal. They are drugged, brainwashed, and impregnated until physical exhaustion. Younger boys do not get it so easy either. They are tossed aside if they are not the alpha male type and they have no real education when thrown out. It isn 't the easiest for either female and some males in this religious cult (Mazur). Nothing in this religious cult shows that it is okay to be legal. It should be more like to get this so it can’t become legal and save other involved with this cult.

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