Pollution Free is the Way to Be Essay

Pollution Free is the Way to Be Essay

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Pollution free is the way to be!

Every year at least forty-thousand adults and children die from unclean water; One of the worlds biggest problems affecting over one point one billion people. Not having safety water is all over the world. Purifying drinking water will not only save lives but habitats and the beauty of mother nature worldwide. Purifying water and keeping water pollution free is accomplished by various methods such as not wasting, saving water, and helping the environment. Many people now and days do not realize how much change, the death rate will continue to increase in the next years to come.
“One of the greatest dangers to human health is water pollution. After all, people can’t survive without drinking water, and if their freshwater resources are polluted, they can become ill from drinking them. Different types of pollutants affect human health in different ways.” (Alecia M. Spooner from Environmental Science For Dummies). Dangers of water pollution is a large hazard to humans and also to animals. Water pollution is known to being “more dangerous than war itself.” three point four million people die each year due to water diseases; that’s almost the whole city of Los Angeles! Animal wise, scientist believe over fifty million animals die due to water pollution. Animals rely on water to survive, so If we don’t begin to realize soon or make a change in the water they drink the water will cause sickness and even death. Many habitats are being destroyed and it has to do with water being polluted which is causing animals to also be homeless. Also adding to the water pollution, plastic bags and other garbages that are thrown into oceans kill over one-million sea animals every year. Animals that live in waters h...

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... to help restore a stream or clean a beach.
Purifying water and keeping water pollution free is accomplished by various methods such as not wasting, saving water, and helping the environment. If water became pollution free, and others took action to helping out, we could increase the lives being saved, and decrease the death rates. We can also give many children a longer chance at life. Others are relied on and counted on to keep this world beautiful and a safe place to live on. Something as simple as recycling can be done by all ages. If others set their minds to it, it can be done. The more others decide to purify and keep it pollution free, and the more they put others first before themselves, the more lives and habitats they can save worldwide. Be apart of the solution, not the pollution!

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