Political Philosophy in the 17th Century Essays

Political Philosophy in the 17th Century Essays

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The 17th century was a period of time dealing with a drastic change that has veered the world into a new state of affairs. Wars between countries and within countries were at a peak. What solutions were there to fix the mayhem? It was an answer that many philosophers were trying to figure out. This writing assignment's intentions are not on the study of philosophy, but rather on the philosophical figures that have helped mold what the world is today. John Locke, a philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, a political philosopher, and Bishop Bossuet, a theologist and bishop, are three people from the 17th century whose views has set courses in history. Locke, Hobbes, and Bossuet had answers to what kind of government was needed to fit human nature. These characters of history have influenced many regions of the world during its time; to learn what they believed will help explain why.
Locke, Hobbes and Bossuet had different views on human nature. Bossuet, being a bishop, was more favorable towards the religious side. His primary view was based on the scripture that people were created by God and should live their lives in a religious manner. Hobbes had a critically negative view on human nature as he stated that people are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Locke's view was completely opposite of Hobbes. His view of man was that they were peaceful and happy by nature. What all three men did agree on was the need for a society; that people needed people. Locke felt it was human nature for people to be social with one another. Hobbes felt that uniting people as a group with leadership would be the best way to fix human nature.
All three men knew there was a need for government. Hobbes felt a strong government would fix ...

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...the philosopher who had the most ideal methods and beliefs; that humans do need each other naturally to live correctly. Hobbes was correct about people being selfish, but not completely evil human beings. Locke was also correct about why government is needed and the roles that it plays. People of a society should have the right to defend themselves against tyranny. All in all, Locke seemed to be the man who had the right philosophy.

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