Political Analysis of an Organization Essay

Political Analysis of an Organization Essay

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The political lens examines an organization through the “roots of conflict” in “different and competing interests, and disagreements” (Ancona, Kochan, Scully, Van Maanen, & Westney, 2005: M-2, 33). The political aspect of an organization requires the “exercise of power and influence” by stakeholders over others to achieve “buy-in” (Ancona et al., 2005: M-2, 33). I will analyze Dynacorp through the political lens to discuss the factors that will hinder of facilitate the success of the change to the front end/back end design (Dynacorp Revisited, 2005: M-2, 85).



The political analysis of an organization begins with the identification of the stakeholders “groups that have a shared ‘stake’ that is affected by what the organization is and how it carries out its activities (Ancona et al., 2005: M-2, 35)” The CEO of Dynacorp is ultimately responsible for the turnaround of the company and its success versus its competition. The front end of the company is divided into three geographic areas. Carl Greystone, Executive Vice President of US Customer Operations, manages the largest of the geographic areas (Dynacorp Revisited, 2005: M-2, 86-87). The geographic areas are divided further into regions; Ben Walker is a Vice President overseeing the Northeast Region and reports to Greystone (Dynacorp Revisited, 2005: M-2, 87).
Regions are divided into branches and sales teams covering specific customer industries and sectors. Martha Pauley, a Branch Manager, manages multiple sales teams in the Northeast Region. Previously branches sold all products in a specific city/area; branches are now tasked with selling one product group over a much larger geographic area (Dynacorp Revisited, 2005: M-2, 86). The sales ...

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...omer desires. The Branch’s and BU’s have a common goal of sales and profit margins as their managers receive performance based compensation.
The only concern is the ability and attitudes of the sales teams. The company needs buy-in from sales as that is where the customer interaction is and where the profit comes in. Dynacorp redefined their jobs without their input, should they perceive their influence on company decision making there will be more buy-in as they would feel like they are involved and are important to the company.

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