Business Analysis: Bega Cheese

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Change is the most crucial aspect of management. In a rapid competitive business environment, change is not only recurrent but also becoming complex. The case study Bega Cheese highlights how the firm has achieved change management from satisfying the needs of local market to being limited company of more than 50 countries globally. Through the case study, it is seen that Bega Cheese has undergone different stages of change process by implementing various effective cultural perspectives, to traditionally organizational designs concerning with structures and new forms, processes and boundaries to adapt to organizational change and eliminate resistance to change. Change is inevitable, and vital to achieve strategic objectives and competitive advantage in the market.

Saroj (2001) supports the fact now a days factors that cause change to occur are unpredictable, Bega Cheese however appears to be in a continual state of change. Change is driven by forces which make a firm unique to able to achieve strategic goal of company. These forces can either be internal of external. External forces that have driven Bega Cheese to prompt change include social and political pressure is another force due to customers, suppliers’ needs wants to be unsteady, fore which, managers at Bega Cheese implement participative leadership (Rawat 2001). As Bega Cheese export cheese worldwide, therefore, many social and political concerns arises, however, Bega Cheese has valued and acknowledged high quality to be exported through applying legal conformity such as Halal accredited to Middle East countries. Moreover, it has gained competitive advantage to establish high value of its customers and employees as well as superior profits for itself (Micheal 1998).


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