Plato 's Ideal City And Modern Day Society Essay

Plato 's Ideal City And Modern Day Society Essay

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Plato believed that his “ideal city” would be successful. With different tears of quality of life, and the ways of classifying people, he believed it would work out. However, if you really look at the structure of his ideal city, and of our modern day society, it simply would not work. Though you can also find many similarities between his ideal city and our modern world today, which in some ways his ideal city could possibly work.
The foundation of Plato’s ideal city was to have different classes of people. The producing class, auxiliaries, philosophers, kings, queens, and so on. The producing class is the largest class. This class basically included everyone. From artists to farmers, this class was the vastly large class. It did not, however, include the warriors or the rulers of the ideal city. The next class of people were the auxiliaries are basically warriors. They were there to defend the city and make sure no others were trying to invade it. They were basically the police, except the would have authority over the police in modern day society. They were meant to keep peace in the ideal city and make sure that others were doing the same. The last, but definitely not least class, were the guardians. The guardians were basically the rulers of the ideal city. Another name for these rulers were “philosopher kings.”
The problem with classifying people into different categories, would be that it was based on their talents and jobs. If you are to classifying someone based on that, I believe the world would become very chaotic. Just like having rulers, these people would have a distinct power over others just because of their job title. But if you think about our society today, there is still unspoken discr...

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...ltimately more powerful than the others and would make decisions in their own favor, without thinking of the other classes. That is why you can not elect the elite, because they will just do things in their own favor, without considering the other classes.
Ultimately, Plato’s society would be able to function for a certain amount of time. With people being taught that that is the only way to do things, they would go along with it for a while. Classes would mind their own business and go about their work, not feeling their doing the best they could be. But after a while people would catch on that this is not an ideal, efficient society. The lower classes would revolt against leaders that make poor judgments and against leaders who abuse their power. Eventually the societies lack of change would be the downfall and after the people revolt, there would be nothing left.

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