Are Human Estranged In Essence

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1) Plato
1. Are human beings estranged in essence? According to the Athenian philosopher, human beings were not estranged in essence. This ideology is continuously backed by Plato’s own life choices as well as his teachings to his followers; by choosing death over exile, he declined a chance to live over the inability to see his family or friends had his he accepted the banishment that was offered to him rather than execution.
2. Who should rule? Plato firmly believed that only a select few should rule. This idea stems from his view that people are unequal in essence, as some truly enlightened individuals are able to understand justice and good whereas others could only see the suggestion of the phenomenas. He asserted that many people were
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Cicero believed humans to not be estranged in essence, he thought the contrary, all were connected through god and his divine law and plan. Through following god’s law, humans could achieve what was planned for humanity. The scholar asserted that through a uniting universal force, humans had a sense of togetherness in their essence and who they were. He asserted that a common good could be achieved if enough effort would be applied.
2. Who should rule? The lawyer and scholar believed that there should be one universal government ruling the people, this government would be a led by a mix of all three classes. He states how a monarchy would be the ideal rule, but is extremely unrealistic as all humans reason equally. By instating a mixed form of government, people would feel more of a connection with the laws and more of a personal responsibility to follow them if they had a part in creating them. Additionally, all people would be seen as equal before the law as all have equal capabilities and through effort, a common good can be achieved; the only thing differentiating humans is their variety of gifts, besides this, there is no variation. A person’s economic status by no means defines their ability to lead, by all groups participating in government, there are no idle citizens that are not a part of the
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