Plato’s View of Division of Labor in Plato’s Republic

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Plato’s view of division of labour is divided into three types of peoples’ task in life which are workers as farmers, military type and guardians. Actually, the ruling task of Plato’s Republic is the guardian’s responsible who had achieved the greatest wisdom or knowledge of good. Due to that, Plato claims that “philosopher must become kings or those now who called kings must genuinely and adequately philosophise’’ (Nussbaum1998, p.18). However, people argue about the reasons that the philosopher should rule the city, while the philosophers prefer to gain knowledge instead of power, thus they don’t seek this authority. Therefore, the argument should alter to why the philosophers are the best ruler to govern people. Indeed, Plato states much evidence to prove his view. Firstly, these kinds of kings are interested in simple life and helping people for better communication. Secondly, as Plato points out that each type of workers has a deficiency and conflict in his erotic attachments such as a worker is a lover of money, but the philosopher is a devotee of wisdom and knowledge. Thirdly, their disapproving of being a king comes from their fear of being unjust (Nussbaum, 1998).Not only these evidence does Plato claim, but he also adds the characteristics of being a king and the education system of philosophy.

First of all, people should be able to differentiate between the philosophers who are true and those who are false. At the first, Plato’s concept of philosopher was the wisdom lover then he proceeded to identify a true philosopher as the man who has access to the Form. This form show the purity of thought where philosophers can see the reality of the life not the fake life. For example, blue jeans and sky are the same colour b...

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...ah and started establishing new laws of this state (Anderson, 1989). The first change was identical to Plato’s philosopher king which allows anyone who wants to be a supreme leader of Iran has to have several features. First quality is scientific competence necessary and that includes Islamic ethics and philosophy. Second quality is justice and piety and thirdly, this person should have a vision of political and social perspectives, courage and the capability for leadership. This example shows us the successful process that helps the society by a philosopher king.

In conclusion, Plato draws all the elements of his perfect city-state and started it by the kings. Those kings have to understand the good, because all the achievements of society will rely on them. Therefore all the evidence and Plato’s information of philosopher king will be useful for uniting people.
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