Essay on Physics Of The Field Of Education

Essay on Physics Of The Field Of Education

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In the field of education, teachers use various tools to deliver their messages to students for a better understanding of the materials. In general physics classes at universities, one of the tools that are used to deliver the materials is a physics worksheet. A physics professor usually creates this worksheet to improve the abilities of students to solve physics problems and to use it as a guide for the exam. It contains two to three problems related to the materials covered in the class lectures. This worksheet is given to students in the discussion sections of the physics class, where they get to solve it in groups. However, it proved to be ineffective tool in communicating its goal because it lacks some instructions and guidelines regarding the formation of the groups and the task of each individual within the group. In other words, the failure of this activity system that includes the physics professors and students in achieving the overall goal of better understanding is caused by the ineffective design of the physics worksheet. As a result of this ineffective design, groups usually do not work as they supposed to. Failure in the physics course or getting a bad grade could be consequences of the ineffective physics worksheet.
In observing one of the discussion sections of a general physics class at the University of Oklahoma (OU) for Dr. Ian Sellers, groups consist of four to five people and each group is provided by a single worksheet. Students are free to choose which group to work with. Some students find difficulties in choosing the group that they are going to work with. Other students prefer to solve the worksheet problems by themselves instead of participating with other students. Also, a single worksheet makes it dif...

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...e intended audiences, students, is what makes the students see a problem on the worksheet that the professors do not consider a real problem. There should be division of labor between the physics professors and TAs to make the worksheet better. They should also consider the students’ opinions of what makes it better and more effective. For this activity system to meet its objectives, the tool that is used to deliver the physics concepts should be effective. In other words, the physics worksheet should be well designed to deliver the message of training students to solve physics problems. Otherwise, the students will find difficulties in understanding the materials. Also, the professor evaluation could be effected and this could bring the professor into the risk of termination, since universities want the best professors to teach their students with the best methods.

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