Homeschooling Argument Essay

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Flipping through the television channels late on a Saturday night, an intriguing news report catches my eye. “Homeschooling Gone Wild: Should Parents Be Banned from
Homeschooling Their Children?” the newscaster declared. “After spending a week with a homeschooled family, researchers were shocked on what they found at this home. The mother, thirty-seven years of age, left her nine year old daughter unattended every day while treating herself to a nice spa day or out with her friends. We asked the child when she did her school work and the daughter blankly stated “I don’t.” Amazed by this response, we decided to look further into this story. We asked the mother if her child had any education prior to today’s interview and she
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According to author Rachel Gathercole of The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of
Homeschooling, “paradoxically, through, current research suggest that homeschoolers are actually better socialized than their conventionally schooled peers.” (4). She goes to emphasize that “in various studies homeschoolers have been found to have higher self-concepts, significantly few ‘problem behaviors’, and equal levels of self esteem compared with their conventionally schooled peers.”(Gathercole 4). Along with Gathercole, M. B. Nelson argues that “homeschooled children are more frequently exposed to a wider variety of people and situations that could be expected in a traditional classroom environment where their exposure is limited to twenty-five to thirty-five people of similar age and socioeconomic background(1998).”
(qtd. in Romanwski 126). Homeschoolers introduce their selves to a widely variety of people on a daily basics. When at home all day, a homeschooler develops stronger relationships with his or her family. Knowing how to act around family members automatically helps a homeschooler build relationships with other adults and kids that range in different
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Homeschooling benefits children in their socialization skills more

than public schooling. Along with socialization, homeschoolers have a greater academic education than public schoolers. Homeschooling bypasses the middle man(aka teacher). In a public school, a teacher teaches his or her students a subject. When the time draws near to leave, the student goes home to do his or her homework; but often times, the student forgets how to do the problems taught in class. The parent then sits down with the child for the rest of the night trying to re-teach the lesson to the child only to find out the next day that the teacher taught the student another way. In homeschooling, the parent becomes the teacher. The parent will have the manual and the student’s workbook. The parent will know the way the student should be taught, preventing long evenings frustrated at home. Homeschoolers get the one-on-one attention from the teacher unlike public schoolers. When a student gets the one-on-one attention, his or her grades automatically shoot up because of an understanding of one’s studies. Quoted in The
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