The Physics Of My Calculus Class Essay

The Physics Of My Calculus Class Essay

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It is test day, and the time is 5:30 p.m, minutes before a final exam in my calculus class. I found myself in the hallway of the Old Main building looking around at all of the students scrambling to grasp concepts they missed before we had to take our exam. There was one girl whom I remember in particular who was especially worried because she could not understand how to factor a certain exponent out of an equation to solve for X. I had spent a lot of time covering the material, so I felt confident enough to show her how to solve the equation. In the Old Main building there are white boards in the hallway, so I wrote down the equation step by step and explained to her the process. Through my explanation, I was able to guide her to understanding. I could literally see the when she understood the problem. There are many names for this moment of understanding, but I know it as the lightbulb moment. The feeling I got from being able to share the lightbulb moment with her is something I will never forget, and from that second on I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.
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