Physical And Biological Morphology Of Human Beings Essay

Physical And Biological Morphology Of Human Beings Essay

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Despite the immeasurable quantities of animal species dominating the globe, humans exist as a uniquely remarkable class. Their physical and biological morphology is the result of their intricate interactions with surrounding environments, which have occurred over several millennia. Our fellow primates have experienced similarly natured interactions, yet remain a vastly different species. Humans possess biological, cognitive, and cultural characteristics that can be attributed to no other entities – not even chimpanzees, whom we differ in less than 1% of our genetic composition. Biologically, humans have experienced adaptions that enhance their capabilities for endurance running. More specifically, WHAT ADAPTIONS. A distinct separation between humans and other animals is our capacity for shared – otherwise known as ‘we – intentionality. This is defined as “” and ecompasses the areas of “”. Finally, exists a cultural difference that appears most obviously in the fact human beings are the only animals to wear clothing. Although a seemingly simplistic difference at first, when considering the roles of symbolism,

Endurance running can be defined as utilising aerobic metabolism to run several kilometres over extended time periods (Bramble 2004). Endurance running is absent in quadruple primates (disregarding “social carnivores” and “migratory ugulates”) (Bramble 2004). Despite their primate origins, there is evidence humans are able to attain more impressive speed and distances than previously considered (Bramble 2004). Running can be classified in three stages; contact, mid-stance and propulsion (Rolian et al 2009). Springs:
During the mid-stance phase, muscles and tendons store and release strain energy (Bramble 2004). In comparison ...

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...bled hominids to outrun their predators to exhaustion, due to their range of optimal speeds, increased heat dissipation, and physical features desgined to minimize energetic costs (Bramble 2004, Carrier et al. 1984). This process occurs in hunter-gather socities today, including the Taruhumura Indians chasing deer until they collapse, and Aborigines of Australia hunting kangaroos (Carrier et al. 1984)
during periods that lacked technologies such as bows, arrows and spears (bramble 2004). By doing so, hominids would have been able to “exploit protein-rich resources such as meat, marrow and brain first evident in the archaeological record at approximately 2.6 Myr ago, coincident with the first appearance of Homo.” (Bramble 2004). This protein rich diet is believed responsible for humans uniquely “large bodies, small guts, big brains and small teeth.” (Bramble 2004).

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