Philosophy 's Impact On My Life Essay

Philosophy 's Impact On My Life Essay

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Philosophy’s Impact on My Life
When I signed up for this class, I honestly thought there was no way I would take anything away from it. It was just a class that filled a breadth requirement that seemed decently interesting compared to my other options. I thought to myself, “ What benefits would reading a bunch of old people’s thoughts possibly do for me in today’s world?” and “This class is going to be so easy.” I had no idea I would gain life skills throughout the course of this class, and ultimately, I am glad I took it.
I learned an abundance of things through the semester. This class challenged me which was nice because I normally do not have to try very hard to be successful in a class. Throughout the course of the semester I learned how to read difficult texts and grasp the points the author was trying to get across. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of a great mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it,” and I can gladly report that I am now capable of this skill. I can now think about a problem or situation in various ways and find the best solution for the situation. I am able to suspend my beliefs to see an idea or situation from an objective point of view.
One of the most interesting topics I think we discussed this semester was in “On Ideas” when Aristotle began his argument that Forms exist. Aristotle is arguing that Forms or the ideal of a certain object have characteristics specific to that object, and thats what makes an object that particular thing. His example of this argument is that particulars all belong to a Form or an ideal. He uses men for example. If there are a group of men, they all belong to the form of Man. But then the ideal form of man is a man himself, so then he belongs to the...

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...we really are with our lives. Instead of wasting time doing things we assume or pretend make us happy, why don 't we start taking time to figure out what truly makes us happy? That is the ultimate goal. All humans want out of life is to be happy, it is time we start making ourselves happy instead of constantly distracting ourselves to push away the unhappiness.
This course has taught me a lot about what I believe. Reading the passages assigned showed me where my beliefs are firm and where they are weak. I was enlightened on how to approach things in different ways and how to think about things in various manners. Philosophy can teach you a lot about yourself, but I learned you have to be open to it in order to see the change it makes. I took a lot away from this class, but the most shocking and influential thing philosophy taught me was about myself and my beliefs.

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