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  • Abiding in the Lord

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    Abiding in the Lord NOT QUENCHING THE SPIRIT OR NEGLECTING THE LORD’S WORD Scripture Reading: 1 Thes. 5:17-21; Col. 3:16-17; Eph. 5:18b-20 Prayer: O Lord, we thank and praise You from the depths of our heart for gathering us once again. Your Spirit dwells in us, and also Your word is in us. We truly offer up our worship to You from the depths of our being because You have drawn us to seek You and Your word. Cleanse us again with Your precious blood. We trust in Your presence and the moving of Your

  • Doctrinal Development and Its Compatibility with Belief in the Abiding Truth of Christianity

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    Is the idea of doctrinal development compatible with belief in the abiding truth of Christianity? The problem that the development of doctrine presents to the church is simple. On the one hand, Christianity is presented as containing the lasting and eternal truth of salvation and eternal life, and on the other hand, when the history of the church is studied, the details within which this truth is presented, have quite clearly changed. This problem is particularly exacerbated for those involved in

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws Only Impact Law-abiding Citizens

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    been able to get one without a special reason (Rauch 731). People like Tom need to be able to get gun permits, but it is so difficult because of all the criminal activity in America. Gun control laws are pointless and are only binding on the law-abiding citizens. The “waiting period” method of gun control is basically a two-step process. The first step in the procedure is that the person wanting a gun goes to the gun shop to buy a gun. Then, he/she must wait one to two weeks while the government

  • Boudica

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    invasion, Britain was feeling oppressed by the Roman Empire, none more so than the Iceni tribe. Their late king, Prasutagus, had left the Icenian land to the Romans in his will, but on certain conditions. Upon his death, the Romans took over without abiding by any of these conditions, treating the land as if it was theirs by right of conquest. There was looting and tyranny, the king’s family was abused and the Romans savagely ruled over the Iceni. Another factor in aggravating the Britons was that the

  • Corruption In Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton

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    order to represent this wide spread illness of society, John Kumalo, Gertrude, Abasalom, just to name a few. Johannesburg itself is the summary of all that is wrong with cities of today. There is corruption and poverty. Crime runs rampant, and law-abiding citizens are forced to survive as they can. One of the most typical products of corruption in Cry The Beloved Country is John Kumalo. He has a woman living with him that he hasn’t married; he has no problems with hiring a lawyer that will lie, effectively

  • Therapy, Not Punishment

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    programÉ" (544). He sets forth the claim of policy that criminals need to be treated with professional therapy. I don't think an introduction could be more clear than this. Menninger's ideas are directed toward a wide audience of generally law-abiding citizens. This article first appeared in Harper's Magazine, a general-interest magazine that provides collections of essays and fiction. The type of person who would read a magazine such as this would probably be an educated person who is interested

  • The World Loves Christmas, but it Hates Jesus Christ

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    all. Christ was NOT Born On December 25. Notice: "And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night... And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which

  • The Negative Impact of Gun Control

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    that federal policies don’t keep firearms out of the hands of high-risk persons; rather, it often creates barriers for law-abiding citizens and violates a citizen’s constitutional right provided by the Second Amendment. Many say, and I agree that widespread gun ownership is one of the best deterrents to crime. Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year or about 6,850 times a day

  • Comparison of Lao-tzu and Machiavelli

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    Comparison of Lao-tzu and Machiavelli Lao-tzu and Machiavelli are political philosophers writing in two different lands and two different times. Lao-tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher from 6th century BC, the author of Tao-te Ching, and Machiavelli was an Italian philosopher who lived 2000 years after Lao-tzu’s time, author of Prince. They are both philosophers but have totally different perspective on how to be a good leader. While both philosopher’s writing is instructive. Lao-tzu’s

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

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    to our society, and we must take actions to stop these horrors. However, the effort by some misguided individuals to eliminate the legal ownership of firearms does not address the real problem at hand, and simply disarms the innocent law-abiding citizens who are most in need of a form of self-defense. To fully understand the reasons behind the gun control efforts, we must look at the history of our country, and the role firearms have played in it. The second amendment to the

  • Why vote for George Bush

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    or even in the country of Vietnam. I think George Bush has a better personality than Gore. One of the main issues that will influence the election is gun control. A lot of laws and bans have been set up, but they only people they affect are law-abiding citizens. Setting laws prohibiting hi-capacity clips and assault rifles, will not affect the criminals from getting one. It will only stop collectors and responsible citizens from getting one. Criminals aren't going to register their illegal assault

  • Is Perception Reality?

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    the individuals incarcerated were being punished and were not able or allowed to do much of anything. Additionally, I believed that they basically sat in a jail cell and read books, drew pictures or wrote letters. I also believed that they were law abiding while in prison. In other words, I believed that they were limited in not being able to break the law. Additionally, I assumed they had virtually no contact with the outside world. I completed some training in self-defense, first aid, conflict resolution

  • Mademoiselle Reisz Character Analysis

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    the piano sent a keen tremor down Mrs. Pontellier’s spinal column. It was not the first time she had heard an artist at the piano. Perhaps it was the first time she was ready, perhaps the first time her being was tempered to take an impress of the abiding truth." (26) Madam Reisz was a predominant factor in the life of Edna, compelling her to arouse her courage and supplying her with the proper motivation to do so. She was admired by Edna, impelled to be an artist by her. Madam Reisz, in response,

  • Do Prisons Rehabilitate?

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    means the prevention of future crime, it is hoped that bye imprisoning a criminal, it deters them from committing the crime again and also deters others from committing crime. Rehabilitation refers to activities designed to change criminals into law abiding citizens, and may include providing educational courses in prison, teaching job skills and offering counselling with a psychologist or social worker. Over many years the focus of the prison service has switched between the four purposes, therefore

  • brady bill

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    with reducing crime. Actually, the downward crime trend started in 1991, well before the Brady law became effective in March 1994. My research shows that this decline is in great measure because of higher arrest rates and more states allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns. Others estimate that the Brady bill had a much smaller effect on gun sales than the 100,000 rejections its proponents claim. Last year the General Accounting Office reported that initial rejections numbered about

  • Gun Control Laws - Should They Be Altered?

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    guns. If a burgular were to smuggle a gun in to someone's home, that man or woman should be allowed to posses a gun to defend theirself. And if guns were illegal, mostly only people who do not abide the law would smuggle them, leaving all the law-abiding citizens unarmed and more prone to attack with a gun. Some people suggest making a longer waiting-period and deeper background check to purchase a gun would reduce the amount of violence with guns. While once again that wo...

  • The Development of a Criminal Mind

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    criminal often is born with traits common to those of criminals, it is the environment that exist around them that brings out the criminal within them to commit indecent acts of crime. It is a fact that criminals have a smaller brains than law abiding citizens. Often, offenders share particular physical traits such as, being young males, muscular, having lower than average IQ, and a impulsive personality. Serial offenders are usually hyperactive and difficult children If a person has a low IQ,

  • Persuasive Essay: Gun Control Is Needed

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    America (GOA) .  The NRA is a national group dedicated to the upholding of the Second amendment of the Constitution (See Appendix).  In their magazines, American Hunter and American Rifleman, they say "The NRA,  . . .  believes that every law-abiding citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms,  . . . "  The NRA does many things to help display their beliefs and persuade others to their beliefs.  This association also has a strong pull on legislation, because it  has

  • Gangs: Power, Conflict, And Trust

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    referent and legitimate power. Referent power can be described as the role model power. We identify with this person and therefore try to be like them. Legitimate power comes from people who we believe should be in power, like children to teacher, law-abiding citizen to the police. Therefore referent and legitimate power go hand in hand, because of the organizational structure within the gang, a gang may "have officers much like that of a cooperation." (Internet Source 1) Generally "adults play leadership

  • Euthanasia: The Strange Case of Dr. Kevorkian

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    Euthanasia: The Strange Case of Dr. Kevorkian Physicians face an ethical dilemma when confronting their patients who are suffering. Many have to choose between abiding by the law or ignoring the law and acting on their own beliefs by assisting in a patient’s suicide. Dr. Jack Kevorkian is certainly one doctor who has taken the illegal route in assisting in many of his patients suicides. In “Killer Doc,” William F. Buckley provides a brief overview of the case and informs his audience of the