The Philosophy Of Religion And Touch Bass On Other Disciplines Essay

The Philosophy Of Religion And Touch Bass On Other Disciplines Essay

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Philosophy may literally mean the ‘love of wisdom’ as it is deprived from two Greek words (Hales, 2012, p. vii), but as a whole is much more than the love of wisdom and critical reflection; it is more about “giving good reasons for one’s non-empirical beliefs…[and] to give arguments for believing claims about nature of the self, or the existence of God, or moral duty, or the value of knowledge” (Hales, 2012, p. vii). Therefore, I agree that philosophy also sheds light on many disciplines centrally explored. For the purpose of this essay I will discuss deontology, the philosophy of religion and touch bass on other disciplines slightly as a reference to how philosophy sheds light on many disciplines.

It has been established that philosophy is about logical explanations to particular thoughts, but the thoughts studied by philosophers are limitless for example, epistemology is the study of knowledge through questioning the extent of your mind, ontology is the study of non-physical ideas including the meaning of life and the existence of god, ethics is the systematic inquiry of right and wrong concepts and much more. Thus, demonstrating that philosophy is much more than gaining wisdom and ongoing critical thinking, it is more about conducting deductive, inductive and abductive arguments to various concepts of thoughts through reflective and critical thinking.

In philosophy there are many theories regarding various concepts of thoughts, looking at the strand of ethics in philosophy a discipline of deontology comes up. Deontology binds us to our duties and judges the morality of an action on whether it aligns with our accepted beliefs. It focuses on motives, rather than consequences, thus giving actions intrinsic, rather than instru...

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...t it does not only concern having a love of wisdom and critical thinking.

It can be seen a to why philosophy can be directly concerned about the love of wisdom and critical thinking, as it involves gaining wisdom through knowledge and having to critically reflect on various thoughts, but it can also shed light on other disciplines. Philosophy does not just allow individuals to develop their critical thinking skills, but it aims to provide an insight into thoughts as a whole while integrating other disciplines to provide a holistic approach achieving. Philosophy also allows us to use the studies of various disciplines, as a guide to achieve ultimate desires and goals as normative beings and it enables questions that may arise from various disciplines to be clarified through philosophical inquires, as seen in the religious experience argument of the existence of God.

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