Philo Hill Magnet Academy And Haverhill Street Essay

Philo Hill Magnet Academy And Haverhill Street Essay

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In Figure 9, Philo Hill Magnet Academy is located on Haverhill Street in the South Ward of Forsyth County. Philo Hill Magnet Academy hasn’t always been one school. Four years ago they were two separate middle schools, Hill Magnet middle school and Philo Magnet Academym. However, due to under-enrollment at both schools, and being located less thank 3 ½ miles apart, it was apparent the most cost effective option for the district was to merge the two schools. In December of 2011, Superintendent Don Martin fast tracked the merger proposal, so it could be voted on in January. The merger was projected to save the school system approximately $400,000.00 a year. Upon evaluation of both buildings, it was decided that Philo’s campus would house all the students, since its’ building was in a slightly better condition and recently upgraded the kitchen facilities. Philo could also accommodate 736 students, 69 more students than Hill which was an insignificant factor at the time, because both schools had less than 300 students enrolled (Fain, 2011). On January 24, 2012, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board gave their authorization of the merging of Philo and Hill Magnet middle school (Fain, 2012).
Prior to closing Hill middle it was decided that it was necessary to showcase the impact Hill had on the community and its’ former students. In June 2012, Hill middle school commemorated 52 years of history dedicated to education and opened the celebration up to the public. The celebration included current and former students and staff (Underwood, 2012). Hill Magnet middle school was projected to be turned into a juvenile justice center; however those plans came to an indefinite standstill in 2015. It was voted 7-2 by the Schoo...

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... licensed, yet it is still more than 5% below the district and North Carolina as a whole. However, 100% of the classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, which is 2% more than the state and district. Only 23%, of the teachers have more than a bachelor’s degree compared to the districts average of 31% (NC School Report Cards, 2014).
Table 12: Quality Teachers 2012-2013
The quality of teachers will also drive the fulfillment of the school’s goals. The turn over rate of teachers will also affect the success of the school. Unfortunately, there is a high turnover rate at Philo-Hill. It is double district and the state (NC School Report Cards, 2014). In order for Principal Bennett to continue to trend in the right direction, he needs a team dedicated to his mission and willing to press through the hard times and see his vision to fruition (Garms, 2013).

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