Essay on Pet 's Best Choice Of Food

Essay on Pet 's Best Choice Of Food

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It can be hard to search for a healthy pet food alternative for your pets to benefit from and enjoy. It’s a lot easier with a pet supply company that is reaching out to market and fulfill the needs and wants of its customers looking for their pet’s best choice of food. The Company makes an all-natural pet food line for cats and dogs, which is made in the United States. They serve a unique product that provides a healthy and additive-free dinner solution that pets love. With multiple flavors and a money-back guarantee, their food line is launching a new product called Pet’s Choice, where a Pet’s Choice is always met. Their organic and fresh product is sold online and at flagship stores at a high price, but the pet supply company is ready to market and start a trend in healthy eating for pets with high quality products and food made in the United States.
The pet supply store’s new product, Pet’s Choice, is ready to launch targeting upscale middle age male and females with kids through individual marketing in Sharon, Massachusetts, such as 05 Country Squires. Sharon has many parks and trails, pet friendly, that is located in the middle of neighboring towns of the same values and outlooks, and is a small close nit, green, eco-friendly community and active town. They plan on using one to one communication and the use of new media to market their product and have effective communication and understand each of their customers personally. Their number one priority is for the customers. Since “it’s hard to get something new on the radar” (“The Importance…Development”, 2014) they want to create value for customers and build strong customer relationships using differentiation. Having a different and better value than the competition can...

... middle of paper ...’s Choice is a great fit. The consumer market of Pet’s Choice wants an all-natural pet food, high quality, reliable brand, trusted company, U.S. made brand, guaranteed freshness, multiple flavors, and great promotions that Pet’s Choice can deliver to every single customer. Pet’s Choice is an understanding brand and will meet every need and want that the customer many not know or understand, and will work on attracting even more users. With a high competition out there and the quality that Pet’s Choice has to offer Sharon, can lead to a great launch of the new product and meet the needs and wants the customer is looking for. Pet’s choice looks to give the best quality to the customer, while also giving the pets a choice for a change in what they eat. Pet’s Choice market targeting in Sharon, MA, not only meets the consumer’s choice, but a pet’s Choice is always met.

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