Essay about Personal Values, Family, And Trust

Essay about Personal Values, Family, And Trust

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Majority of people have grown up with their own personal beliefs and values. As we grow older however, some of our values can change over time for the better or the worse. In my case, I always grew up with three specific values that I still hold true to this day and plan on never changing them. Those three values consist of religion, family, and trust. I will discuss why these three value are important to me in the following paragraphs.
Growing up as a young child, my mother would always tell me, “Always seek help from the man above. When you’re ever in trouble, he will guide you through thick and thin.” As a young child I never understood what she meant by “the man above” and how someone I couldn’t talk to in person could help me through my problems. However, I followed my mother’s advice and always seeked for “the man above” in times of need and success. By the age of eight, I had finally understood what she meant by “the man above.” My mother was referring to God and ever since, I have always put God above everything. Today, I am a religious christian who is a firm beli...

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