Personal Statement : Reflective Action Plan Essay

Personal Statement : Reflective Action Plan Essay

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Reflective Action Plan
My goal: I am going to achieve standing firm when I need to. I need to have this as a goal, because I will be less successful and less respected if I falter in this area.
My action steps towards this goal will be the following:
• Assertiveness based on balance, being forthright about my wants and needs while considering the rights, needs, and wants of others. Knowing this, I will also have to remember that when I am assertive and ask for what I want, I may not always get it.
• I have to remind myself that aggressive behavior is not always based on winning. While I may view this as doing so in my best interest, I have to remember others rights, needs, feelings, and desires of those around me. When I take the aggressive behavior approach, I may end up having to get what I get.
I will develop my assertiveness in the following ways:
• By valuing myself and my rights
• By identifying my needs and wants, and ask for them to be satisfied by others.
• By acknowledging that people are responsible for their own behavior.
• By expressing negative thoughts and feels in a healthy and positive manner.
• By receiving criticism and compliments positively.
• By learning to say “NO” when I need to.
• By using “I” statements to others. Such as, I want, I need, I feel to convey basic assertions.
• By showing empathy to others. This could be as simply as saying “ I understand you are having this issue…..however, I need this done by…..”
• By avoiding escalation, unless necessary. But also allowing myself to become escalated when needing to do so.
• By asking for more time. This is a big one for me, but one that I should not be afraid to use, if necessary.
• By changing my verbiage from “can’t change to won’t” or “need c...

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...could not be truer this year, as I have 11 students and 9 of them have behavioral issues. Humans constantly hope for joy, yet many gloss over daily events on that can raise a smile or elicit a giggle. But there are those who take life a little less seriously, always looking for that moment that can break the tension. These are the people who demonstrate the best of humanity and make even the hardest workday a day worth having.

This goal will be a work in progress and will have to be worked on throughout my time as a teacher and later as an administrator. A favorite quote of mine once said from General Dwight Eisenhower, “War is a terrible thing. But, if you are going to get into it, you have to get into it all the way.” While this isn’t actually war in way getting out of my comfort zone and standing firm is much like getting “into” it and going all the way.

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