Essay on Personal Statement : My Nursing Program

Essay on Personal Statement : My Nursing Program

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God Wants Me to Be a What?!

I have always dreamed of graduating college and earning a degree. Life has happened over and

over again. I am now 38 years old and working toward an associate’s degree in Biblical Studies. I know

the struggles I have faced in the past have all lead me to the place I am today. A place I consider to be

privileged. I am finally doing what God intended me to do. I am letting go of the strangle hold of control

I was attempting to hang onto. I have swung from wanting to be a counselor to Registered Nurse. My

most recent college semester was a total bust. I decided to finish earning my prerequisites for the

Nursing program. I am a single mother of three, I work a full time, physical job, and I am active in my

church family. I have found that no matter how busy I am, the thing that makes or breaks the whole

thing, is whether or not God wants me to do a thing.

I attempted to take anatomy and a math class while still doing my busy life. These two classes

were not easy classes and I should have attempted them one at a time. However, I ha...

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