Essay about Personal Statement : My Career Goals

Essay about Personal Statement : My Career Goals

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The career that I would love to have is to be a publicist. My career goals consist of being a founder and CEO of my own PR firm. So, for my career research, I was trying to find a person who is similar to my race, gender, and spirituality. I wanted to understand the field that I am interested in by interviewing someone who has the same background as I do. By interviewing someone with the same similarities as me, I would get a sense of what my obstacles would be as well as how to overcome the obstacles. Assigned to this assignment, I knew that the overall process would be a little challenging. However, I underestimated those challenges. In my head, I knew exactly what type of person I wanted to interview for this assignment. Again, the person I wanted to interview had to be a faith driven, black or a woman of color, who founded and is a CEO of her own company. I felt like since I had a specific professional in mind, finding a professional would be challenging. In my essay, I will discuss further on my experience of using my network to find the professional to interview, the process of setting up my interview, and the interview itself. While integrating the problems that I faced with finding the professional and setting up the interview.
Finding the professional for my interview was a frustrating task. There were specific characteristics I was looking for in the interviewee, however, I was having a hard time trying to frame the question to my network without seeming prejudice or rude. So, the first step I took was telling people I had a project for my internship class. Though when I asked, most of my network would ask the questions I was avoiding, “what exactly are you looking for in a person to interview?” or, “how do you want...

... middle of paper ... career path. Aside from my conceitedness, it was a great project to end my senior year. What I got out of the interview is me asking more questions about myself and if PR is the career I want to be in. The interview with Kelly went for more than 30 minutes. Picarelli was right, 30 minutes was not enough time to get all the information I needed for myself. I was happy that Kelly and I went with the instruction that was given to us because I wouldn’t have come out with the experience I had and Material I needed to revamp myself for my career path. I want to thank Picarelli for giving us this assignment and for Kelly taking time out of her day for me to pick her brain. Kelly and I exchanged numbers and she told me to call her anytime if I have any questions or worries. I am happy that she gave me the time of day for this project and everything worked out for the best.

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