Essay about Personal Statement : Business Economics At Alliance Mbs

Essay about Personal Statement : Business Economics At Alliance Mbs

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Personal statement
Through my internships during each university’s summer vacation, I realised although I have learnt some financial knowledge within courses and in my spare time, it is not enough for my career goal of becoming a junior quantitative analyst at an investment bank in the short term. Therefore, I would like to extend my understanding by acquiring systematic learning in Finance and
Business Economics at Alliance MBS.
In order to illustrate the preparation I have done in the past, I will demonstrate it through my quantitative analysis, financial focus and my internship experience.
To my understanding, this course requires solid quantitative skills. The average mark of my Economics degree was 72.5 in my first year and was 68.5 in my second year. I have achieved 95 in Mathematical Technique. It laid a solid foundation for my mathematical ability by learning and understanding formal mathematical definitions and theorems, and applying them to prove statements about real-valued functions. Meanwhile, I have also achieved First degree in Econometrics. It has provided me necessary communication and analytical skills through doing group projects and supported me to be able to critically appraise work in the area of applied economics. With these marks, I hope to graduate with a first class honour degree.
In order to achieve my ambition of being a financial analyst, I have also concentrated my efforts on acquiring financial knowledge. I have tried to figure out the financial of an enterprise through ratio analysis, such as ROCE and P/E ratio in exercises. Furthermore, I have made a DCF analysis for Burberry in the University as an equity research group activity. In order to systematically learn more financial knowledge, the Found...

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...emic foundation, strong abilities, charismatic personality, and great passion for the subjects qualify me as a candidate for the MSc Finance and Business Economics at Alliance MBS.
Further training needs in sharpening my understanding in all-rounded financial knowledge
leads to my application to Alliance MBS. A great setting of modules is presented through a
wide range of financial and economics modules, which are all important leading a student to
the professional standards in real-life business conditions.
I am looking forward to studying the MSc
at Alliance MBS,
not only for its reputation and the internationally leading academics, but also for its
outstanding facilities. As mentioned,
from the MBS career service and Alliance MBS alumni, it will be easier for me to find a job
Additionally, with the strong assistance
or internship in the near future.

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