Essay on Personal Role Model For A Young Child 's Life

Essay on Personal Role Model For A Young Child 's Life

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As children, we look to our parents to teach us skills that we need in everyday life, whether it be social skills or how to. Yet for a variety of reasons, some children do not have this personal role model for them to follow and learn from. For these children, their teachers may be the first adult to give them any sort of attention or care. As a result, a teacher can play a huge impact in a young child’s life. The Allentown School District’s high schools are both considered Title I schools, meaning that over 40% of the school’s students come from families that are legally considered low-income ( In the ASD, this number is nearly doubled at 88.7% ( Most likely, these students come from homes in which the adults they live with are working most of the day and their parents are not around to provide the care and support they need. It is at this point that the school and its teachers ought to step in.
The students who do not have the parent support and role models as young children are less likely to succeed in life. Children from single parent homes are...

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