Single Parent Family Essay

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This research paper will explore primarily the impact of African American single-parent households on the children that live in these environments. This is a very important issue and more awareness is needed. Research has provided evidence that single-parent households are one of many risk factors that can negatively affect a child’s educational outcome, emotional health and social behavior. Although not all single-parent family households have disadvantages, the focus of his study is to shed more light on the issues and offer solutions. For example, more policies are needed to reinforce fathers to pay child support. This alone will provide mothers with more money to help them better raise their children. I grew up in a single parent home not having a good relationship with my father. Although I've lived with my mother, I've always been around my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; and I never really hung out much with my mother. I know being in a single parent home has impacted my school performance and emotions. Some children of single parent homes have challenges related to academics, violence, self-esteem, and emotions? You may ask, how do I know that African American youth (of single parent homes) are having these challenges? I know because I too experienced the same struggles. Reports show that teens of single parent homes have an increase likelihood of dropping out of high school (Ricciuti, 2004). If teens drop out of high school, they will have a difficult time finding a good paying job, and they may get involved in criminal activities. I know some teens that only live with their mothers and join gangs because of their stressful home environments. For example, one teen sells drugs to help his mother pa... ... middle of paper ... ... “Have you ever been depressed?” out of the 24 students who answered, 66.6% have been depressed. Again, this data also correlate to research evidence of depression being one of the psychological problems for black kids in a single-parent home. Thirdly, when asked students, “What were their average grades?” out of 38.8% were “A” and “B” students. This is somewhat contrary to some research findings and is accurate to other research evidence. Lastly, when asked the question about “Are you or your family member in a gang?” out of the 24 students asked, 72% said “no” but 47% did know someone personally tha was injured as a result of gang violence. Again, the research on social behavior of a child in a single-parent home support that some kids do have difficulty socially adjusting or if they been exposed to violent behavior at home, will display this behavior too.

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