Personal Pitfalls Of Leadership And What Actions I Have Taken Essay

Personal Pitfalls Of Leadership And What Actions I Have Taken Essay

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Sometimes we don’t notice how big or small something can actually be the reason why someone can grow to succeed in life. Growing up I have always been a hands on and visual learner, and in result has helped me produce quality work, or show others my willpower. My biggest drawbacks has been my attention to detail, follow through, and social skills. I’ve always been a hard worker and outgoing leader, but when it comes to the technical skills and small social groups, it made my job harder, and I would be the shy and quite person sitting myself. Before I started working for Denver Public Schools, I lacked a lot in organizational skills which resulted in me missing documents or not following through on important information. In this essay, I will talk about my pitfalls within leadership and what actions I have taken to improving my pitfalls. (J. Wotring and S. Spencer 2010) “Leaders may encounter personal pitfalls as they react to personal challenges faced while leading change, as they interact with others and express their leadership style.”

Failing to Respond to Employee Emails
In the current department I work for, they have a strict email policy to ensure we are effective with communication, due to a lot of moving parts across the school district. For example, it there is an “Action Required” email that is sent out, we have to reply and acknowledge the email and what steps we are going to take. Prior to me working for Denver Public Schools, my email etiquette wasn’t as effective as it should be. I didn’t feel there was a need to reply to emails because I have never received the feedback. Since I have been working for Denver Public Schools, my email etiquette has improved and is reliable. I am always receiving positive feedback f...

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...passion and willpower help me pushed through. I knew that the election date was our end date so the hours was only temporary. When I started working in my current role back in 2014, I was working 60 to 80 hours a week, and at that moment I was burning out and didn’t feel I was going to last long in my role. My passion is working with youth, but our program requires a lot of data entry and paperwork, which I hate. For that reason I was burning out and was looking for another job. When I expressed this to my boss he met with the directors of our department and they ended up hiring someone else to support me in my paperwork. When it comes to certain career fields, like education for example, there are many factors that contribute to employee burnouts. Trying to find the right balance and create system to alleviate burnout is crucial to retaining employees

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