Personal Opinion Essay: Israel Entitled to the Holy Land

Personal Opinion Essay: Israel Entitled to the Holy Land

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Corruption, violence, and ever growing frustration all are words to describe the, seemingly, endless conflict between Israelis, who consist mainly of Jews, and Palestinian Arabs, otherwise known as Muslims. The people that are truly entitled to this holy land have biblical proof, have already displayed their capabilities, and uphold non-violent and peaceful morals. The people entitled to this land are the Israelis. The Arabs continually claim that the bible is full of lies and hoax, yet the Torah, the Jewish holy text, and the Bible share similar aspect.
The Bible distinctly says that Abraham, the father of Judaism, will have possession over all the land of Canaan, which is considered present day Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. He was to have a son and this son was to fulfill this covenant. Both Jews and Christians believe that the true son of Abraham was Isaac, for Isaac was promised by God and he was born from Sarah, while Muslims believe that Ishmael was the promised child. Sarah was the first wife of Abraham, while Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, was a servant of Abraham, thi...

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